EFDD Concept Drift DetectionDetecting Different Types of Concept Drifts With Ensemble Framework

Posted on: Mon, 03/25/2019 - 11:29 By: admin

Dynamic data streams may contain concept drifts, which are data distribution changes that affect the underlying data model. Different types of concept drifts can occur within a real-world data stream. Majority of current study focuses on detecting one type of drift or detecting drift with labeled data, which is not always available in real-world scenarios. This study focuses on detecting all types of drift with limited labeled samples. Ensemble Framework for Drift Detection (EFDD) is proposed. The ensemble approach combines drift detection algorithms that can detect different types of drifts. Detection results from these algorithms are summarized using a novel voting mechanism called “voting by type”. Experiments were carried out with one synthetic dataset and three real-world datasets. Experimental results show EFDD can achieve significant improvement with p < 0.05 using z-score test when comparing to drift detection algorithms that detect only a few types of drift.