An improved input parameters-insensitive trajectory clustering algorithm.

Abstract: The existing trajectory clustering (TRACLUS) is sensitive to the input parameters ε and MinLns. The parameter valueis changed a little, but cluster results are entirely different. Aiming at this vulnerability, a shielding parameters sensitivity trajectory cluster (SPSTC) algorithm is proposed which is insensitive to the input parameters. Firstly, some definitions about the core distance and reachable distance of line segment are presented, and then the algorithm generates cluster sorting according to the core distance and reachable distance. Secondly, the reachable plots of line segment sets are constructed according to the cluster sorting and reachable distance. Thirdly, a parameterized sequence is extracted according to the reachable plot, and then the final trajectory cluster based on the parameterized sequence is acquired. The parameterized sequence represents the inner cluster structure of trajectory data. Experiments on real data sets and test data sets show that the SPSTC algorithm effectively reduces the sensitivity  to the input parameters, meanwhile it can obtain the better quality of the trajectory cluster.

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