About Data Mining Lab

The Data Mining Lab (DML) supports educational and research data mining activities, providing training and consultations for industry and practitioners in different aspects of the data mining cycle. DML conducts advanced research in data mining and knowledge discovery for business, government, and scientific needs including basic and applied research in domains: distributed, mobile, on-line and incremental data mining; multimedia, sensor and stream data analysis; data mining in telecommunications, bioinformatics, virtual reality, security and counter-terrorism. The Data Mining Lab facilities include a multiprocessor Server (4X Intel Xeon @ 900 MHz, 4 GB RAM, RAID 3X36 GB) with several workstations. Different types of data mining tools are available such as SAS 9.3 including Enterprise Miner, SPSS 10.0 with Clementine, IBM DBMiner 2.0 and MATLAB 7.1, and also publicly available tools such as JNNS, WEKA, ROC, WUM, Cviz, ARTool, OLAP, Tiberius, ViSta and Belief Networks.